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About us

Florida Villas only does exactly what it says on the website - Florida Villas only. It has been specifically set up to address the needs of visitors to Florida who prefer to make their own travel arrangements, as package holidays are not all they seem these days!

We are Villa owners ourselves so we know what the challenges are, and we have also done some extensive market research on your needs. Based on our own knowledge and those of other travellers Florida Villas Only was born. So we appreciate what you are looking for and this can be summarised as Quality and location of the accommodation, value for money, reasonably priced flights and last, but not least, availability!

We only focus on villas in Florida so we are not distracted by anything else. If you are based in the UK, as well as using this site to book your accommodation DIRECTLY with the owner you can book all of your other travel related requirements through our Independent Travel Agent, such as best priced flights, travel insurance, car rental and even theme park tickets.

We wish we knew then what we know now for our 1st trip to Florida as it would have saved us some time and money. With this in mind we have created a "Renting Guide" which is designed to help the 1st time visitor, and maybe even those who are seasoned veterans will find the information useful. The book we highly recommend is the "Brits Guide to Florida" which can be purchased directly from our website shortly.

You can contact Graham who is our UK based Director via email or telephone him by calling +44 (0)1252 687937 and we will be more than happy to answer any further questions that you have.

So, go on and enjoy your holiday of a lifetime and book a Florida villa only now.

The FloridaVillasOnly Team

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