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A Guide to Renting

This information is designed to primarily help the 1st time "independent" traveller to Florida. But if you are a seasoned traveller and have some extra information that you would like us to add then please send us an e-mail

To see the answer to the question, simply click on the question, and the page will scroll to the answer. Of course, if your specific question can't be found below, we'll be happy to answer it individually. To ask a different question by e-mail, click on the Contact Us link and we'll respond with an answer as soon as we can.

1. What do I need to bring with me to my vacation home?

2. What if I have a problem while I am in the vacation home?

3. When should I take pool heat?

4. Is a maid service included?

5. When do I make payments?

6. How close is the property to Disney?

7. Do I need a rental car?

What do I need to bring with me to my vacation home?

Each property has been carefully furnished and equipped to ensure that you have a terrific vacation. Included in every property you will usually find:

Air conditioning Arrival soaps and tissues
Quality bedding and pillows Fully equipped kitchen incl.:
Private and heated pool Stove/cooker/range
Cable or satellite TV Refrigerator & freezer
Phone(s) Dishwasher
Washer/Dryer Microwave oven
Garage & off road parking Toaster
Iron & board Coffee maker
Vacuum Cleaner  
Brush & Mop  
All linens/towels  

Note that the above is only a guide line. We recommend that you carefully read each description of the property that the owner has provided. If you have any further questions on what is included in each property then please contact the owner via the "contact owner" button. But don't forget to pack your toothbrush!

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What if I have a problem while I am in the vacation home?

Each home owner will have a management company who looks after things while you are there. It will be a wise move if you have the management company's contact details with you prior to your arrival just in case you have any problems finding the home! Also, if you accidentally break anything then please let them know immediately.

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When should I take pool heat?

Almost all properties offer pool heat as an option. Pool heat is not generally inclusive. We recommend that pool heat is chosen (if you intend to use the pool) between October and May. Pool heat is pre-set to the desired temperature for that particular property and cannot be adjusted. A pool blanket is "usually" provided as standard on heated pools, which should cover the pool when not in use to retain the heat (especially overnight!).

Please note that, in extreme weather conditions (below 55°F), electrically heated pools will not operate. The owner will take every precaution to ensure that pools are heated as specified, weather conditions may (rarely) affect the temperature of the pool.

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Is a maid service included?

All properties are rented to guests on a "Self-catering" basis. Each and every property is cleaned prior to arrival, and on departure of every guest party. For your convenience and hygiene, most homes are provided with a vacuum cleaner, dishwasher, washing machine, dryer, mop, brush and pan for maintaining the property cleanliness during your stay. All homes are treated regularly for insects, and the pools are treated to maintain their cleanliness.

Some guests that stay for a longer period (over 10 days) request a mid-term clean, while if your stay is less than 7 days the owner may charge extra for the cleaning. Double check with the owner if you are not sure.

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When do I make payments?

A full set of our rental terms and conditions can be found by clicking here. In brief, your deposit payment is due at the time you make your booking regardless of when you depart, and this is payable to Tradingdates This must be made by the on-line credit card processing system. Usually if your departure is within 8 weeks the rest of the rental money will need to be paid directly to the owner after you have paid your booking deposit..

It is the owners responsibility to return your security deposit and they will inform you of the process.

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How close is the property to Disney?

To help you decide which of our fabulous properties is right for your family vacation, we provide in the search options a location button. When it says Disney then the property should not be more than a 20 minute drive. If you want to know exactly which subdivision the property is located in, and number of miles then contact the owner via the contact button. If you want to double check then you can always Contact Us

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Do I need a rental car?

Yes! Orlando International Airport is the world's largest car rental locations. Decide if you want on or off airport pick-up and drop-off. We advise on airport so that after a long flight you can just get your car and be on your way. It does cost a little extra, but we feel it is worth it particularly if you have small children with you. Also, make sure you have a car that is big enough for you AND your luggage! And we mean on the WAY BACK to the airport. This is because most guests will take advantage of some of the superb shopping malls and come back with more suitcases than what they arrived with!

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