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The perfect ticket!

Have you ever wondered how some companies seem to advertise and sell cheap theme park tickets?

Well we know how they do it - and we're going to 'spill the beans'!

It's quite simple really - most of the cheapest tickets have some frightening 'strings' attached - like having to sit through (at least) a couple of hours sales pitch to try and sell you a villa or timeshare in Kissimmee - or passing off used tickets with just a couple of days on them - tickets that previous guests have returned for a cash-back return. You will not get pressurised to take these tickets, but you will find them on sale outside restaurants and inside shopping malls. $10 for an adult pass to Disney - yer right!

We recommend that you only get tickets from one of three places.

  • Charter Travel who will give you all the advice that you need and who can also book your flights, travel insurance and car rental.
  • An Official Tourist Information centre in Kissimmee
  • At the gate of the theme park.

There are pros and cons to the above options, but the most expensive place will probably be at the gate. There also might be a large queue to purchase them and those that do have tickets will be walking straight past you and into the park.

We will be doing regular updates on what is going on at the theme parks and the best deals on tickets so why not sign up for our news letter by clicking here.